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The ultimate in customized CNC routing technology.

Stiles is pleased to bring you specialized CNC routing and machining solutions from Heian, the leading manufacturer of CNC routers and machining centers for the wood, plastics, non-ferrous metal, and mould-making industries.

Stiles is the exclusive U.S. distributor for Heian of Hamamatsu, Japan.  Originally founded by Mr. Sempei Suzuki in 1939, Heian produced the world’s first circular cutting NC router in April 1969. Today under the leadership of the founder’s son, Mr. Yukitomo Suzuki, the expanded manufacturing program encompasses customized CNC solutions, all designed and built in-house, including the highly renowned Heian spindle.

Heian consistently delivers a high level of innovation. More recent development has concentrated on producing ever more versatile, flexible flat table machining centers that combine multi-axis routing, boring units, automatic tool changing, sawing and moulding functions, as required, together with fully robotic handling. The firm’s reputation for engineering excellence, innovation, and ability to meet tough customization challenges has made it a key supplier of production machinery to the aerospace industry.

cnc router diy


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