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Yeah, in my first two houses I had to leave it in the garage, but on this house I disassembled it and brought it into the basement.  Much nicer.

The problems with it are many.  3-in-1's have fundamental design flaws in that they try to be all things, so they have large compromises.  The milling head is too far from the table, for starters.  The milling column is too flexible.  Well really, everything is too flexible.  The screws have WAY too much backlash.  The slides are not accurate so I have trouble getting the slop out without making it so tight that they just won't move.  Overall, the steel it is made from is too soft.

Everything about it is junk, but it works for farting around the house.  The lathe is not too bad, but the mill really only works for light cuts on aluminum.  Accuracy is really difficult because everything is moving a flexing and the screws are terrible...

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