3d 4 axis wood cnc machincnc router diye , 3 axis cnc router

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Optional 4 axis,Z axis is customized according to request of customers. 
The worktable is vacuum working table,with very powerful absorbing power,can absorb materials of different sizes.With a big density,won't be out of shape and also high temperature-resistant.

With fast working speed,high working effciency,the engraving speed can be up to 14m/min.The engraving is precise enough,without any Sawtooth ripple and the cutting edge is quite clear and smooth.

Furniture industry:folding screen,wave board,big wall hanging,advertising sheet,sign making.

Crafts industry:Artificial stone,wood,bamboo,marble,Organis board,color plates,to do engraving of beautiful patterns and characters.

Furniture:Paner furniture,office furniture,wood door,cabinets,etc.

Woodworking Industry:musical instrument,kitchen doors,windows

Suitable material:Wood,solid wood,panel,acrylic,plexiglass,MDF,plastic,copper,aluminum,etc.

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